Saturday, 1 September 2012

Erwin Park

Located on Erwin Dr.

I love getting to a park I've never been to before because of the surprise and feeling of discovery. I thought that Erwin Park was going to be like that, but when I walked around the corner of the hedge, I was instead hit by a wave of nostalgia. I had no idea that I'd been to this park before, but now I can remember visiting it once before. I went with my cousins to play on the playground.

It's a simple structure, but I remember having a great time on this playground. Unfortunately, I was not in the mood for a reincarnation of my childhood when I arrived at Erwin Park. I had already been to six parks that day and had been walking for a long time. All I wanted to do was sit, drink water, stare at the ocean, and relax. There is a bench next to the playground that looked great for parents to sit at while they watch their children play, but that's not quite what I was looking for.

I walked deeper into the park and immediately found exactly the place I was looking for.

Not just a bench, but a picnic bench! I always get excited to see picnic benches, even though I usually don't have a picnic with me. The tables are just so much better for sitting on, and the benches make great foot rests. You can spread all your stuff out beside you on the table and lie down if you want to. The merits of a picnic bench are infinite, and Erwin Park has one that's placed perfectly for viewing the classic West Vancouver waterfront view of Point Grey.

However, the benches in Erwin Park aren't all bad. I found another candidate for the best bench inscription there.

Here time stands still
and love and peace prevail
Ray & Ann Frost

I don't know what it is about this one, but I really like it. There's something about how it makes me feel. It's a nice sentiment and also very accurate. Erwin Park was the perfect spot to rest and regain my ability to move after a long walk.

Good: playground, picnic bench, nice view, well maintained, plenty of shade and sunlight, no hill getting there
Bad: playground not colourful, small & simple

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