Monday, 25 June 2012

Brothers Creek Park

Located at Gordon Ave and Keith Pl.

Brothers Creek Park is wild!

Seriously wild. It's all narrow trails and plants. There's plants everywhere. Everything is so green!

That's great, but this park is named after a creek. While Brothers Creek does flow through the park, several things prevent it from being properly enjoyed. As previously mentioned, the trail through this park is very narrow. It is kept that way by the conveniently placed fence.

Except this fence is not convenient at all. While it does come in handy if you don't want to worry about falling off the edge of the gorge Brothers Creek has carved out, there's just not any potential for exploring within the fence. If that weren't constraining enough, this is the best view of the creek from behind the fence:

It's just not that satisfying. But luckily, I found a much better view:

It just took a quick duck under the fence near the entrance and enough common sense to not walk off a cliff. So no need to thank me. We found the park stake lying on the ground, so we brought it over to where we think the park should end.

I should also mention that the entrance to this park is extremely hard to find. We only found it because a nice man behind a bush told us to look beside the lamp post:

There's a tiny trail just to the right of it. This is at the end of Keith Place.

Basically, Brothers Creek Park is Narnia.

Good: plants everywhere, it smells nice, cool view of a big creek
Bad: fence, dark, hard to find

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